We had a low-key week!

And yes there are still Christmas lights in places outside, haha. It’s been too cold and snowy since January to take them down!

We got a good bit of snow again this week. Nothing overly exciting happened but it was a great week!

The kids are on a painting streak.

Chicken and grilled peppers for dinner one night that was then repurposed into quesadillas!

Very into painting our nails.

Um have you tried this? It actually tastes like rosé and is seriously wonderful. I’m not a huge ice cream person and the texture of this is incredible.

Emilia came in when I was putting on makeup yesterday and opened every.single.thing. She was such a curious little bug.

And very proud of her handiwork.

We got fish sandwiches from DiAnoias Friday night and they were INSANE. So good and even better than last year.

And Max had a hockey weekend!

Finally, sunday snugs in bed with this babe and the bump. Boring week in a great way!