tuesday things

1. Today is fat Tuesday! I’m thinking about doing breakfast for dinner anyway… and that will most likely include pancakes.

2. Loving this avocado chocolate mousse.

3. I’m not really a concert person, but I am dyyyying to go to a concert. I’ve just been watching Eric Church live performances on youtube like a crazy person for the last few weeks.

4. How to relax amid chaos. I love the part of being okay with overwhelm, because I constantly feel overwhelmed, and think I’ve come to a point where it’s just like that for the time being.

5. I’m curious as to what age you feel like you are? I think I feel like I’m only 22 or somewhere around there. I don’t feel like I thought I would at this age, like as much of an adult. I saw a meme over the weekend that Leonardo Dicaprio is the same age now that Steve Martin was when he filmed Father of the Bride. Insane!

6. TV things!! Okay so I have to say that I haven’t watched Firefly Lane yet, even though it is one of my fave books of all time (and a lot of you read it after I blogged about it over 10 years ago!). It was so emotional and I just don’t think I can watch it right now (ever since having kids I have a hard time watching sad/scary/etc things because I’m a baby) – but I’ve heard it’s SO different from the book. Did you watch it?!

7. How to stop overthinking! I mean, is it even possible?

8. I’m ready for all the spring cleaning even though we’re basically knee deep in ice today. I’ve already done the kids clothes, my pantry, deep cleans of the fridges and some dishes that I’ve had forever.

9. On creating an energizing morning routine. I already am doing lemon water and cold showers (you can read about why in my last pregnancy update!) and I swear it makes a difference.