We had such a nice week!!

All ready to go to Max’s hockey game.

Wait important question: HOW DO I KEEP THEM LITTLE FOREVER!

Mud puddle was a highlight of the week.

Anyone else flipping between feeling hopeful and excited for spring and then also PTSD feels from last year at this time when our world was rocked?

Now she wants to do this everyday.

Looks like a comfortable place to do homework?

My book arrived!! Have you preordered a copy yet?!

Wore lots of jewels this week.

How satisfying is that swirl!

We had major grilling weather! And grill majorly needs a spring cleaning.

Max got a haircut.

And had a hockey game.

Star of the show.

She is obsessed with watching him up close if she can.

Can’t handle him!

Then we got pizza. This is the forager pie with hot honey. I die.

All ready for the new week! How was yours?