We had so much sunshine this week!

It was a little chilly at times but so gorgeous out!

Chalk for spring that the kids will blow through.

Emilia started a little gymnastics/tumbling class this week!

And we’re very into PJ Masks costumes. All four of us have to wear the capes around morning and night.

I made gumbo for Eddie one night because I had chicken and sausage to use up. OMG. This was my first time making it and it took forever. It also made the house smell for three days. I didn’t even end up tasting it because it doesn’t appeal to me at all, but he lovvvved it.

I love everything he creates.

And her fashion choices.

Snacky lunch for everyone.

Went to the park with this munchkin who was like my little BFF this week.

Hockey boy!

House salad for dinner one night. There are greens somewhere under there!

Along with sourdough croutons.

Still loving the strawberry peach daily harvest smoothie.

Someone else does too!

Grilled chili lime chicken and veg.

We had fish sandwiches from Dianoias on Friday!

Ran some errands with this one. Haha.

She reeeeeally wants to be like her brother.

Little BFFs for life!