march favorites

Here’s a peek at everything I loved in March (and February!) 2021! xo


FeverTree Sparkling Pink Grapefruit. I love all Fever Tree drinks (their ginger beer and tonic water is the best!) and have been adoring this the last few months. If you’re a grapefruit freak like I am, you will love it! It’s incredible, and I can only imagine how good it will be in margaritas or just with some tequila and lime come summer.

American Spoon Almond Butter. Oh my gosh. It’s no secret how much I adore American Spoon products. Their almond butter is UNREAL. The texture – the taste – it’s moved into the #1 spot for me. Delish.

Live Love Salt and Vinegar Popcorn. Oh my word – this is the best snack. I can’t even handle how much I love the flavor. Popcorn isn’t one of my go-tos, but I adore anything salt and vinegar and this is so wonderful.

Panera Madagascar Vanilla Cold Brew. I’m a LITTLE bit back on the coffee train! After a few months off, I’ve been getting it once a week or so. This cold brew literally tastes like chocolate milk… or a milkshake. It’s amazing.


The Kindest Lie. I absolutely loved this book so much. Wrote about it in my February reads if you want to read more!

I’ve been playing Eric Church nonstop and am SO excited for his albums next month! Right now I can’t get enough of Hell of a View and Heart on Fire.


MZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote. The size of this tote is everything. I’m no stranger to MZ Wallace bags – I used one as my diaper bag for Max for the first 6+ months or so. I still use that duffle when we travel on vacation. They are the best, hold a TON and so well made. They last forever! The above one in the photo is the medium tote which is my favorite size. I find it perfect for throwing things in for kids that I may need in the car, or at my mom’s, or something like that. I also throw my computer or books in it if I need to do something like work during the school pick up line, or back when we went places all the time. It’s just such a great bag. The one above is a few years old, but they have TONS of the cool colors in the medium size. Also, occasionally Nordstrom has them on sale and sometimes MZ Wallace sends out coupon codes too!

Align Leggings. I have to give my usual shout out to my lulu align leggings, which I’ve worn since the minute they came out. While they are basically my work uniform, workout uniform AND pregnancy uniform – they are the best for pregnancy. I have tried other leggings, including these popular ones (which I loathed) and align are just the best. My regular size fits the bump and usually does until the end. Nothing compares for me!

Ugg Wedge Boots. We’re a little late now that it’s into spring, but I got the ugg wedges this past winter and adore them. As much as I trash talk my regular black uggs (which I do love for winter weather, but barely will wear in public), these wedges are so cute and comfortable. So much better than I anticipated! As much as I love my sorel wedge boots, these are warmer for the really cold days, or even if you’re doing things outside (like seeing people socially distanced in the snow. Let’s hope that is over!).


Adirondack Chairs with Cup Holder. I feel like a real adult because these chairs are making my life. They are so light and perfect to drag out on our driveway while the kids play (before I would carry a chair around the house from the patio if we were out for a bit, I wanted to work a little outside, etc). The best part about them? They have a cup holder AND a phone holder!! Literally life changing.

Disposable Bamboo Serving Trays. I love these so much!! They are disposable and compostable trays that you can make a snack plate or cheese board on and take to someone’s house. Obsessed with making a cheeseboard on it so you can take it and leave it and not worry about getting your tray back!

Crane Humidifier. I could not live without my humidifier. We run it every night and the kids’ have them too. I swear they keep any of our allergies at bay and it’s also so good for my skin (which is dry). If I don’t use it one night, I can totally tell a difference. Years ago I had the expensive dyson humidifier and it’s not worth it. The Crane is the best and I’ve broken a few (dropped them while cleaning and cracked them) and always rebuy the same!

Cooling Cover Pregnancy Pillow. I had the same pregnancy pillow for my pregnancies with Max and Emilia but at 7+ years old, it had seen better days. When I went to get a new one, I saw this one with a cooling cover. And OMG. It is life changing. So silky and cooling and wonderful. I always run hot and hate being hot at night, but also want piles of covers on me. This is amazing.


Little Sleepies PJs. These are SO SOFT and stretchy and wonderful. And of course I love anything where the kids (and even us!) can match. Pretty sure these are the 5th brand of PJs or so I’ve mentioned in a year. Hello stay at home, haha!

Interactive Talking Telescope. The kids absolutely love this. Max really wanted a real telescope for Christmas and by the time he mentioned it, everything was sold out. I grabbed this and it has been such a hit! It is really educational and fun.

DJeco Artist Collages. I have to mention these again because Emilia just LOVES them. She has completed them all but I’m practically ready to buy the same ones over because she loves doing them so much. They are really fun!

[none of this is sponsored, i just love to tell you what i love every month! there are a few general affiliate links above! xo]