tuesday things

1. I live for daylight savings time! Somehow it really doesn’t affect my kids much (I never remember my parents talking about it affecting us as kids either?) but just having the extra daylight is amazing. Sunday did feel long, but it was so LIGHT! It just brings so much HOPE if that makes sense.

2. You know I’m the first person who at the feel of 50 degrees and sun bought a new outdoor pool thing for the kids, new patio chairs, swimsuits, sunscreen and sandals. The most basic. If basic is still a thing. Pretty sure this is the equivalent of burning leaves candles in august. Oh I’m also making summer playlists! I need an intervention.

3. Pound cake brownies?! OMG yum.

4. Breakfast for lunch or dinner > breakfast for breakfast.

5. 20 one minute habits for a clutter free home. I love these!

6. TV Things!! Okay so I watched Grey’s (wtf) and A Million Little Things both last week. I cannot handle that these shows are still in the March/April 2020 era. I don’t mean for it to sound insensitive to the situation, but I just can’t relive that all again. It sucks they couldn’t film the show as needed but both shows need massive time jumps and a way to make it believable. You know?

7. How to fight the feeling that there is never enough time. This is good.

8. What are the most used apps on your phone, besides social media? I live for Notes, Google Keep, Goodreads and Spotify.

9. How to find joy in every day.