tuesday things

1. Emilia is obsessed with cars (and anything that has to do with them) and when she’s in the car with you, she always thinks you’re “racing” the car next to you. We’re talking, like, when you’re on a highway with a max speed of 45. I mean she cheers or gets concerned if another car passes us on the highway. It’s adorable and also, who is going to break it to her?

2. This southwest chicken salad is calling my name. OMG.

3. Dyeing easter eggs is one of my favorite spring things! My mom ruined me for life though: she would have us leave the eggs in for an hour or more so they were turn insanely bold and bright. They are the prettiest!

4. How to make small talk after the past year. Oh I love this.

5. Anyone else feel like they need an entire new wardrobe after barely wearing any of it over the last year? It’s like I’m over all of it and don’t even like much of it anymore, now that I may have a chance to wear it soon.

6. TV Things!! I finished Ginny and Georgia and really loved it. Thought it was so cute, aside from the T Swift line in the end which was SO ridiculously dated – not that it should ever be used. But still. I mean just when I thought Grey’s couldn’t get worse, it did. I need a new show to binge!

7. How to stop the guilt of not working more!

8. Literally counting down the days until I can plant herbs and flowers! Reeeeeally want to go get some this weekend but I’m sure we will get snow or frost or something in April. Maybe I can keep them successfully alive in the garage.