tuesday things

1. This cheesy olive pizza is my dream and it’s not just pregnancy cravings. Give me all the tart and briney things.

2. Pretty sure one of my goals this year was to meditate and I have failed miserably. Yes I even have all the apps. I need all the tips you can give me because I’d like to get into a regular routine of meditating, especially before giving birth. I’m hoping it will allow me to be less of a lunatic. Ha.

3. There’s always enough time!

4. I know I’ve mentioned this in previous weeks but I have literally forgot how to dress myself since the pandemic. Throw in being pregnant and I’m just like whaaaat? how? leggings? great.

5. I haven’t been worried about the whole “re-entry” thing into the real world so much, but! Now I’m like wait, how did we all get ready and have everything ready to go and be at this certain place at the right time?

6. See also: I’m the person that is so early all the time that it never fails I’ll spend 15 minutes either driving around or sitting in my car because I’m that early. It’s a sickness.

7. TV things!! I actually did SORT OF start to get back into a Million Little Things last week! Kind of reminded me of an older episode. I also really liked This Is Us!

8. On taking the long view of parenting. I love this!

9. Throw some of your favorite podcasts at me! I need some new ones to listen to.

10. Over the weekend I read Abby Jimenez’s new book (her last book inspired me to start the book club!) and oh my gosh, it was so good. I can’t get over how much I loved it. A must read.