tuesday things

1. Desperately wish I was the person who was so organized with digital photos and printing them out, but I’m not. Not at all. I’ve made a few books over the years but I need a system I can stick to.

2. Um, why have I never thought to make a waffled quesadilla?!

3. I’m not planning on doing any freezer meals for this birth, mostly because it’s the complete opposite season of my previous two births – and we have so much access to fresh food since it’s June and not December. But a non-negotiable for me is frozen cookie dough (of course!) and my lactation cookies too. They are the best.

4. I’ve mentioned it in a few of my weekly life posts but Max is now requesting to take a book everywhere and I can’t even handle how much I love it. My reader’s dreaming heart explodes every time.

5. Four ways to have a better morning routine!

6. TV Things! It has been years since I’ve watched American Idol, but I’m actually enjoying a bit of it as background TV! I used to LOVE it in the first few seasons. Feels like forever ago.

7. How to just start a difficult task. I do this with SO many things! It’s always one of my goals to avoid putting things off – things that often take a few minutes at the most. I think it’s become even worse during the pandemic for me since we weren’t doing anything. My dad always says “the more you have to do the more you get done” and it’s SO true.

8. I just saw over the weekend that people are buttering their saltine crackers and now it’s becoming a trend. What! My grandma used to do this with soup (pretty sure I wrote about it on the multiple times in 2009/2010) and while I can’t imagine it, wow – everything does come around again.

9. Everyday Dinners is out exactly TWO WEEKS from today! Ah!