tuesday things

1. Let’s start with something deep! Have you given up on a dream?

2. I cannot handle these cookies and cream rolls. OMG.

3. It’s such a minimal complaint but the lack of dates on certain articles and blog posts now makes me batty!

4. Oh my gosh. I really love this.

5. I missed seeing the traditional Oscars red carpet this past Sunday! My best dressed were Regina King and Amanda Seyfried. I loved both so much! Also, did anyone else see Emerald Fennel’s speech where she mentioned Zack Morris?! I just about died. I felt SEEN.

6. Love this! How to find time for your meaningful work.

7. TV things!! Okay so the hype of Meredith + Grey’s is making me crazy enough to watch and then annoyed that nothing happens until the last 2 minutes. Haha, they so have me suckered in. The McDreamy scene just got me good. I was transported back.

8. Anyone else heartbroken that astronauts do not eat that astronaut ice cream in space?! This is so interesting. (NYT)

9. So I really haven’t baked with my sourdough stater (no bread in, like, a year?) but I can’t seem to let the starter go! I’ve managed to feed it and keep it alive for over a year and that I consider a success. My family still sees it on my counter and they’re like… um, what is that?

10. YOU GUYS! We are ONE WEEK out from the launch of Everyday Dinners! Get it get it get it! This is most likely why I’m so full of exclamation points today. There’s a big giveaway here to celebrate.