It’s been a crazy week!

With the launch of Everyday Dinners, I realized a few hours ago that I took nearly zero photos this week. Eeeep! Here’s what this week looked like.

My only half-selfie on book release day! It was such an amazing week. Super busy but wonderful.

Early in the week, the kids requested mini pizzas! So we made some.

Emilia is meticulous with her painting skills.

And her playground skills. We got some fresh air while Max was at school.

I essentially have a botanical garden in my home right now, courtesy of family and friends on book launch day and it’s lovely.

Max had a hockey game!

Then we got post hockey shakes.

Cutest ever.

I made the chipotle blue cheese dutch baby from the book. Ohhhhh my gosh it’s so wonderful.

And we made blueberry pancakes for mother’s day, one of the kids’ favorite foods!

The weather was super rainy, dark and cold today and we.did.nothing. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. I read almost an entire book and we all just snuggled on the couch and watched movies in between meals. It was the perfect mother’s day. Thank you for making this weekend the best ever, too!