How are we 20 weeks into this year?! It’s crazy.

This week was a little crazy again as I had a ton of book stuff to do behind the scenes. I’m also having a minor heart attack because I’m almost 34 weeks now and don’t really have much of anything done! Eeeeep!

Max had two baseball games at the start of the week and it was FREEZING! We actually wore winter coats, ha!

He looks 30 years old in this pic to me.

My chives are starting to bloom this week! Love them for recipes.

Park lunch.

Made the best chicken of life one night. It’s so good.

Then is got warm again. Pretty sure Emilia is counting down the days until Max is done with school!

More outdoor lunch!

She thinks the baby is right inside my belly button and that she can see it/touch it there. Too cute.

We also had my future SIL’s bridal shower this weekend! Remember last year that they cancelled their wedding due to the pandemic. They moved it back one year, and it’s almost time!

Oh we also had her bachelorette party so this is appropriate, right?

Kind of the first taste of summery food, outside this year!

Then I finally got some herbs to plant! The only thing I’m successful at keeping alive in the soil. How was your weekend?!