everyday dinners

I just have to say THANK YOU so much for all of your amazing support on the Everyday Dinners launch yesterday. Your excitement over the book makes ME even more excited for YOU to have the book in your hands. I know how wordy and weird that sounds but it’s true! Thank you for making the day so special!

If you haven’t checked it out yet, here’s a special Everyday Dinners playlist for you!

This book is so full of recipes that I love. And I mentioned this on instagram yesterday, but I get incredibly emotional over the book because I created this entire book before the world shut down last year. Looking at these photos and stories brings me back to 2019 when things felt normal. And the recipes are just SO darn good that I am thrilled to share them with you. The recipes came back to me at the perfect time, as I’ve struggled with my own inspiration in the kitchen these last few months.

So many of you have asked me how you can support the book and that means the world to me too. I listed a few below for you. Any purchase of the book is amazingĀ  and I am so grateful that you would purchase a copy. And the fact that you’ve come here to read my rambles and make my recipes over the last 13 years is the best best best thing ever. It seriously makes my life.

tomato pie from everyday dinners

Leave a review!

If you love the book, it would mean everything if you would go leave a review on amazon. Reviews are huge (!!!) for selling the book and regardless of where you bought the book, they matter most on amazon since it tends to be where people look for reviews. Leaving a review is the best thing you can do for an author and I would be so appreciative!

Share your book on social!

I was DYING yesterday seeing all your books on instagram. I tried to shared as many as I could, but instagram only will let 100 stories go live so some disappeared. Please continue to share your book, your recipes and everything you make! I’ll continue to share them and also

Join the Everyday Dinners cookbook club!

The cookbook club is a freaking BLAST. This is a selfish ask of me because it’s SO fun to have people in the community. Joining is free, of course, but you do need to have a copy of the book! We do cooking challenges, giveaways and it’s so much fun seeing how everyone puts their own twists on recipes. It’s awesome.

Cook and share the recipes – and make them your own.

While of course all of the above are meaningful and helpful, when I see you make my recipes, it means everything to me. Recipes are meant to be shared and tweaked and I love helping to bring some inspiration into your kitchen. You loyalty to the blog over the last decade+ is the reason I keep doing this and sharing so many recipes each week. I LOVE the bond and community we have built over food!

Thank you for being the best readers ever! XO