1. Everyday Dinners is finally HERE!! And super exciting news: it was chosen as the amazon best pick for cookbooks for the month of May!

2. It feels so crazy to put something out into the world that was fully created and finished before we went into lockdown. One look back at the photos in the book and I’m instantly transported into our normal “before” life. It’s nuts.

3. All I want in life right now are these flourless almond butter cookies.

4. Man, I’m still really off coffee and I just miss it so much! I’ve had a few iced coffees here and there but it doesn’t taste great to me. I miss the taste and the ritual so much. I’m really hoping my love for it comes back once I give birth, haha.

5. Have you lost creativity during the pandemic? I definitely have felt this so much.

6. TV things!! I started watching Mare of Easttown this past week and absolutely love it! Have you tried it yet?

7. I always adore Merritt’s capsule wardrobes. She hits it out of the park.

8. Pretty sure I’m the only one that had no idea baked oatmeal became a thing on tiktok recently. I thought it was a thing way before.

9. Do you like the person you are becoming? This is so good! Definitely something I think about, especially when it comes to how the kids see me.