tuesday things

1. All I’m craving in life right now is sourdough with sharp cheddar and fresh tomatoes. And I probably won’t have a legit GOOD local tomato here for, like, two months. At least!

2. You are doing a good job. I love.

3. Over the weekend my kids had cinnamon toast for the first time. I know that I made them the cinnamon toast recipe I have in The Pretty Dish, but Max was sooo little and Emilia wasn’t born yet. I finally made it for them this weekend and they couldn’t believe how good it was. My grandma was the queen of cinnamon toast!

4. This mediterranean farro salad looks incredible.

5. TV things!! The Grey’s episode this week did really get me. Eeeep. Also still on Mare of Easttown and loving it.

6. The perfect way to say no.

7. What are your travel plans this summer, if any? It’s crazy how everything is booked up for basically the next year.

8. I found this so interesting! Millennials are entering a decade of despair. Ha! I hope this doesn’t happen to me in a few years.

9. Summer fridays is coming back next week! Can’t believe it’s already here.

10. How to become a plant person when you’re super busy and kind of lazy. Hello!