A day late, but I couldn’t let this week go by without a photo diary!

Because little did I know, we would grow by one! Ohhhhh my gosh. But first, it was a big week to begin with.

This past week was hot hot hot!

Popsicles all around.

And Max had his last day of kindergarten. I have basically been a basketcase over it for two weeks.

This one’s just a little bit excited to head to preschool in the fall.

Emilia and I went and got local farm fresh asparagus and strawberries.

Probably her favorite food!

Um little did I know that this panera salad in the school car pick up line would be my last pregnancy meal!

Because then we had a baby!

Three weeks early was not what I ever expected and let’s just say we weren’t prepared at ALL, haha.

These two had a blast while we were in the hospital and we so taken care of.

Little favorites!!

While we got in lots of snuggle time before going home.

I really thought I was having a girl so this was the most wonderful surprise! I’ll be posting Jordan’s birth story on the baby page soon!

We had some welcome home art!

And the best welcoming committee.

My boys!

And the best helper baby girl.

We just want to eat him up! More to come. :)