tuesday things

1. Finally got our hands on some local strawberries and we were barely in the parking lot when Emilia was eating them right from the crate. Girl after my own heart! Whyyyy are they the best fruit ever in season?

2. OMG. I am so craving these kale pesto and cheese stuffed shells. Yum.

3. Current favorite salad combo right now: spring greens, crispy chicken (like my chicken tenders or even the ALDI red bag chicken), blue cheese, cherries, some sort of nuts and my creamy balsamic dressing. I can’t get enough.

4. 10 ways to bring more calm into your home. Love it. Especially because ours currently looks like a bomb went off.

5. TV things! I mentioned it in last week’s summer fridays post that I wanted to start watching Hacks! And I have, now that I have some time on the couch… ha. It’s so good. I’m also thinking I might binge Cruel Summer?

6. Speaking of – this is so good: on the unexpected delights of Hacks.

7. Over the last 15 months I’ve actually become friends with my shipt shopper for Target. This is life now.

8. Everyone always tells you “oh don’t worry if you’re not ready for when the baby comes! they don’t need anything but you!” and I mean, while I agree to a point, let’s just say for a type A planner it is verrrry nice to have organization to come home to. Pretty much feels like we will have things set up and organized… maybe by 2023 at this point.