summer fridays

Hey hey summer friday!! This is what this weekend looks like!


My melted zucchini baked ziti – no idea how I’ve gone until almost July without making it so far. On that same note, since I’m only into super easy dinners right now, this 20 minute summer squash pasta with brown butter is a huge win too.


Lemonade frosé! I love this version so much – super refreshing and easy to make.


This caramelized onion grilled focaccia bread. It’s incredible. Perfect for a side dish or even a main dish with a salad!


The buttery lobster rolls that I shared earlier this week. I photographed them months ago so it’s been SO long since we had them. Majorly craving those too.


My banana cake with espresso frosting. I’ve been wanting to make this for WEEKS!


This lavender vanilla latte ice cream. Can never get enough of it!


In honor of my brother’s wedding last week, the howsweeteats wedding playlist! We’ve used this a few times over the years and if you need a good wedding weekend boost, it’s perfect.


I really want to start Jamie Brenner’s Blush this weekend! I love her books so much. If you need some inspo, here is my huge summer reading list!


Two beauty products I’ve been LOVING this month: the NARS sunkissed cream bronzer is so, so good. (It also appears to be sold out everywhere, ugh!) I like to combine it with the Westman Atelier Contour Stick in biscuit. And these Bobbi Brown crushed shine jelly lipsticks. I adore them! They are like a lipstick/gloss combo and so pretty. I have the lilac and tahiti shades. These were all I wore at the wedding last week too!


Well I don’t have many exciting things here considering I’m less than two weeks out from giving birth BUT I do love these nursing tanks right now. They are the perfect amount of stretchy with slight slight compression. Living in them with my align leggings, still! Also, it is a big splurge, but this dress was the one of the best things I bought during pregnancy AND for nursing right now. It’s just so easy. I love the neckline and how it can be both off the shoulder and on the shoulder.


One of the pieces I’m asked most about is my Maya Brenner initial necklace that has the kids’ initials on it. I love it so much and wore it constantly, but then I got two knots in the chain that I couldn’t get out. I knew I’d want to send it back in to get the initial of our third child, so that’s what I did this week! I love that you can add to the necklace you already own as opposed to having to purchase a new one.


The Scout 4 boys bag is absolutely amazing for the beach and pool. I’ve talked about it for a few years – it’s waterproof, it’s ENORMOUS (so you can fit towels AND toys AND snacks AND sunscreen, etc etc etc) and it zips on the top. I cannot sing the praises of this bag enough if you have tons of stuff to carry to the pool and beach.


The Everyday Dinners Cookbook Club is AMAZING. The recipes and twists on dishes in the book that everyone shares – it’s absolutely incredible. If you have the book, be sure to go join!

summer fridays