what i read in may 2021

I can’t believe June is here!! It might be my most favorite reading month ever because so many great books are being released. May was a great reading month in terms of books I enjoyed – I really liked most of them. What are you most excited to read right now? I love to hear your suggestions below!

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can find my summer reading list HERE! It’s one of my favorite posts of the whole year.

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You can find my reading lists here and previous What I Read posts here. I’d love to hear below what you read this month!


The Soulmate Equation – 4 stars

Couldn’t wait to read this one – it was one I was looking forward to all year. The story is about a dating app that successful matches rely on DNA and gene matches. It’s interesting and cute! It follows a single mother who decides on a whim to send in her DNA on a whim and is shocked at what she gets in return. It’s really cute and fun and light and uplighting. Definitely enjoyed it.

That Summer – 4 stars

I was super excited for this one too! I live for Jennifer Weiner’s books. This one took me a while to get into. I didn’t love the characters. The story follows Daisy and Diana who have an “accidental” meeting via email, but it’s really not that accidental. It is definitely a story with serious undertones and many heartbreaking things happen that determine the future of the characters. I did like the ending and find it very satisfying!

The Last Thing He Told Me – 4 stars

Was feeling a little thriller-y this month and I blew through this one. It was super good. The story is about man who completely disappears and leaves his wife along with his teenage daughter with no information. They attempt to figure out what has happened and uncover a ton of truths. It’s a quick read, not overly scary or anything (I’m a baby) and the ending is good too.

People We Meet On Vacation – 5 stars

Oh my gosh, I can’t even HANDLE how much I loved this book. I am one of the ones who LOVED Beach Read last year, so I was waiting and waiting for this book to come out. The story follows a man + women who have a platonic but very close friendship and travel together every summer. It jumps back and forth from present day to previous trips and I just loved it so much. It was so good, the ending was satisfying and still realistic. I absolutely LOVED it.

The Hunting Wives – 3 Stars

I had a hard time getting into this one, but once I did, it was a pretty quick read. The story follows a few different women who are part of the Hunting Wives club. I just didn’t love any of these characters! It did keep me on my toes at points and I wanted to see what happened, but I ultimately didn’t LOVE it.

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