summer fridays

Summer fridays is BACK! If you’re new to the blog, summer fridays is like our standing summer coffee date every friday where I talk about what I’m loving, using, wanting, reading and listening to. It’s meant to inspire you for the weekend and bring some fun to each summer friday!


Two things I can’t get enough of that we make weekly: my grilled asparagus caesar salad and grilled vegetable orzo with smashed feta vinaigrette. The orzo is amazing for a weekend dish because it can be made ahead of time and served hot or cold!


My rainbow coconut water spritzers! I love these so much; they are the prettiest, perfect mocktail, but you could also add vodka. If you need a cocktail for week, I highly suggest my watermelon frosé! Live for frosé season and can’t wait until I can have some.


My strawberry crunch salad AND these strawberry cobbler bars! It’s strawberry season, only the best season ever!


My strawberry sprinkle donuts! It is national donut day after all… can’t miss it!


Golden Girl!! Thrilled that Elin’s book came out this week. I think this one is just going to wreck me – it’s so good already, and if you’ve watched any of the interviews she has done – holy emotional. What are you reading now? You can find my whole summer reading list here, and yesterday I shared everything I read in May!


To our 2021 summer fridays kickoff playlist!! Ohhh it’s a good one. So excited for some of my favorite playlists this summer.


This makes me seem a million years old, but these (basically orthopedic) flip flops are UNREAL. If you stand a ton to cook/clean/etc and want something easy for summer, these are it. These are so cushioned and wonderful. Also! You know how much I adore the C9 champion workout (or lounge!) tanks. Well these crew neck tanks are also amazing and so comfortable! I did not buy ANY maternity stuff this time around and figure my summer wardrobe may be a bit limited with nursing. The only thing I did buy was this hot pink Lilly dress for a few events for my brother’s wedding coming up – and because it looks like the perfect easy summer dress for nursing too! It’s SO neon vibrant pink and super comfortable.


If you need a home item, these freestanding collapsible folding hampers are amazing. They look super nice too. Let’s just say I need all the help I can get adding another member to the laundry family.


Or, um, “attempting” to pack my hospital bag for baby #3! While I still haven’t packed it yet, I have to say that I am SO excited about all of the Frida mom products that are out now. I don’t think any were out when I had Emilia four years ago and certainly not when I had Max. I don’t plan on taking them to the hospital since I’ll have everything there I need, but my house is stocked for when I get home with baby!


My kitchen essentials guide here, if you need some kitchen tool inspo!


This excerpt from Katie Sturino’s new book body talk. I LOVE Katie Sturino so much and this is incredible. Cannot wait to read the book! It also reminded me of a recent Armchair Expert podcast I listened to with Kelly Osbourne – and she says that she was doing all sorts of things as a teenager – drugs, illegal things – but all people continued to talk about was her weight. Outside people (i.e. never family, but classmates, “friends,” etc) have literally talked about my weight my entire life (in elementary school even!), when I’ve been all sorts of sizes, and I often think it’s amazing I was able to come out unscathed, even at a young age. Probably because my mom has the healthiest mindset about food and weight than anyone I know. So hoping I am doing the same for my kids!

summer fridays