We had the best long holiday weekend!

But first, here’s what the last week looked like. I’m warning you ahead of time that there are a lot of sleeping baby photos.

Max wanted him and Jordan to match in their nike shirts.

Very into avocado toast last week.

We’re doing swim lessons at my aunt’s house and this is what we do in between!

This is what Jordan does in between. Lap naps.

Can’t even handle how much Max loves Jordan. It’s so sweet.

Doesn’t he look like a little puppy?!

And the cutest sweetheart?!

She kills me. Best personality ever.

Made my first peach cobbler this week!

And we also made summer berry pancakes.

Went to a pirates game!

Max caught a foul ball.

Jordan basically lives in the carrier.

Had the best 4th of july with our fam.


The 4th plate.

Lacy made this incredible dessert!

Sleeps best on me, always.

How festive can we get?

My herbs are out of control, so today we made pesto!

Emilia was super excited to help and then she proceeded to eat multiple spoonfuls of plain pesto.

Summer lunch spread.

Plus popsicles.

Jordan slept in Max’s arms for about 20 minutes today. MY HEART!!

Annnnd it was such an incredible week.