tuesday things

1. Coconut peanut butter pie sounds incredible.

2. My herbs are absolutely out of control (in the best way) right now. I’ve already made a double batch of pesto but I need ideas of what to do with all the other herbs. I also think I accidentally planted a bunch of lemon balm.

3. How to reset throughout the day. Yes yes yes.

4. TV things!! I’m going crazy that Yellowstone isn’t coming back until the fall. It’s always been our summer show!

5. I forgot how when you have a newborn, and spend a lot of time at night and even during the day feeding and hold them, and maybe reading and watching TV, that characters literally become your FRIENDS! I am sad for my books and shows to end right now, haha.

6. Also, we introduced Max to The Sandlot this weekend and he LOVES it. Eddie had never seen it either. And now Emilia is walking around saying “you’re killing me smalls!” to everyone.

7. 10 microhabits that will change your life.

8. I know I’ve asked this before, but what are your favorite east coast beaches?!

9. How to truly enjoy time off. I love this, especially right now!