nordstrom favorites

Hi hi! Every year I share my favorites from the Nordstrom anniversary sale and after asking if you wanted to see them this year, I was super excited to share them again! I don’t worry about trendy or crazy new items in the sale – I love it for classic basics and there are things I’ve had forever that are at a great price. You’ve probably read about many of these below in my favorites post each month! This year, I’m really only sharing below the things that I have and ADORE. There are many things in the sale that I’ve had for five plus years and they are my go-to items. There are only a handful of things below that I don’t have and want to purchase myself! I go into detail about each item below.

P.S. this is in no way sponsored and I’m not affiliated with Nordstrom at all, but there are general affiliate links below! It’s just like my monthly favorites posts… I don’t accept any free fashion/beauty products nor do I ever do sponsored posts for fashion and beauty. This is just something I love to share every year because it’s fun for me, and I want to hear from you. Below I’m sharing my favorite clothing items, shoes, bags, things for Max and Emilia and kids in general, some home products and all the beauty things I think are worth it. Once Eddie shops it (he always gets some denim + work clothes!) I may add in some of his favorites if you want. I’ll also come back and update this post as the weeks go on! And I’ll give a few details about some of my favorite things.


Blanc Noir Hooded Moto Blazer. Bought one of these YEARS ago in the sale – like maybe five years ago? I adore it. Super flattering and fun to wear especially if you live in leggings or jeans. I have always found that it does run small, so size up!

AllSaints Funnel Neck Sweater. I bought this sweater in the sale three years ago and am so glad it’s back. It’s super flattering, very warm and just overall really cute. I actually wore it in a lot of the photos that you can find in Everyday Dinners!

Lagence Boucle Blazer. I LOVE everything L’agence. I have one of their blazers and it’s incredible. I really like this one in the sale and want to grab it! It’s such a classic color and is something I’d actually wear, as opposed to some of the crazy plaid blazers which I never would.

Moonlight Layer Long Sleeve Tee. I talked about these every.single.month over the winter. I have many of them and they are wonderful. They are on the sheer side, so they are correct when they say they are for layering. But they are so silky, smooth and stretchy.

Moonlight Layer Tank. Same as the above, but the tank version. LOVE them.

Moonlight Layer Short Sleeve Tee. The short sleeve is new to me so I’m going to buy a black one. I think it will be great for layering too, when it’s not quite cold enough out for the long one.

Moonlight Short Pajamas. The summer version of my favorite pajamas!

Moonlight Long Pajamas. These are basically the only pajamas I will wear – I have raved about them for years and years. I’ve tried the dupes (amazon, target, etc) and they do not compare. These are amazing for yourself or a gift. I gift these a ton at christmas, or for a baby shower, etc.

Moonlight Nightshirt. Same thing as the other PJs, just the nightshirt with no buttons. Super comfortable. I have many of them and have worn them in all seasons.

Moonlight Button Up Nightshirt. I love this one especially right now while nursing. If you don’t want the pants, this the best!

UGG Fleece Robe. Another lounge-y item, but my parents got me an UGG robe many years ago and it’s such a staple of mine in the winter. Seriously comfortable, warm, and lays so nicely. It doesn’t have huge arms that get stuck in makeup or while drying hair. I love the colors this year.

True & Co Bralette. This has been my favorite bralette for ages – it works under so many things and is super flattering because it doesn’t have seams.


AllSaints Sarris Bootie. I got these boots in late 2019 and absolutely adore them. They were one of my first boots with a chunkier heel in years – I find them to be SO comfortable and also super cute and flattering!

Sorel Waterproof Wedge Bootie. These are nothing new if you’ve been here for awhile! I live for my sorel wedges and if you live in a snowy or icy climate, they are ideal. One of my most worn shoes in the winter – and they can be dressed up or down.

Aquatalia Waterproof Boot. Last year I got a pair of aquatalia boots at the same so similar to these. Since we are in cold weather for at least half of the year, I wanted a waterproof boot that would last. These are amazing quality and will last me a lifetime!

Schutz Block Heel Sandal. Absolutely LOVE these sandals – they are on my list to get! Schutz is one of my favorite brands because they shoes are so comfortable. I love the gold and pink versions of these. Also love that these can be worn now and are not a fall shoe.

On Cloud Running Shoe. I just talked about my On sneakers in last week’s summer fridays. They have incredible support for walking or cross training (I haven’t run in them so I can’t speak to that). I adore them and have worn a version for two years now. They are not the cutest shoe, but they are SO supportive and great for outside.

Adidas Ultraboost Running Shoe. My longtime favorites, they ultraboosts, are also in the sale! I’ve worn these for YEARS and buy a pair over and over again. I wear them everyday to cook in the kitchen, wear them to walk or workout or even just with athlesiure. They are like walking on clouds.


Aimee Kestenberg Leather Backpack. I have fallen in love with Aimee Kestenberg bags over the last few months. I love a backpack with the kids and I am ordering this one in the sale. I think it’s so cute.

Aimee Kestenberg Phone Crossbody Bag. I also can’t pass up what appears to be the perfect black crossbody bag. Live for one. I also really love the pink!

Calpak 22 Inch Spinner Suitcase. I’ve had my calpak carry on for ages now – even Eddie has taken it in the past when traveling. I love the size, the quality for the price and how easy it is to use. It’s a great suitcase if you do a lot of weekend trips.

Longchamp Expandable Tote. This tote is another fave of mine for traveling. Have had it for years and you cannot beat the quality – it holds SO much (just recently took mine as my hospital bag again) and doesn’t get ruined. It can also be folded up to the tiniest size and is super packable.

Longchamp Nylon Bag. This is another version of the tote above and I’m going to grab this one at the sale. We use these so much that having a second one will be great for any kind of travel – and even when we go to someone’s house for the day!

Dagne Dover Cotton Canvas Tote. I adore dagne dover bags and have wanted a great car tote. This one is on my list!

Tumi Duffle Bag. Eddie’s leather duffle bag that he has used for years bit the dust a few weeks ago when we were leaving the hotel for my brother’s wedding. Getting him this one because Tumi bags are the best,


Barefoot Dreams In The Wild Blanket. It’s worth the hype – these are the only blankets we use in our house and people fight over them. I buy them for gifts every holiday season. It is the best present. I have tried many of the ones that claim to be similar and nothing compares.

Boll & Branch Sheets. Since we have a king bed, sheets are so expensive. I’ve bought the boll & brand at this sale in the past for our bed because I can never find them cheaper. They are so soft and silky.

Waffle Bath Body Wrap. I am ordering this in the sale because I’ve never had one, and I’ve wanted one forever!

W&P Reusable Storage Bag. W&P is one of my favorite brands for storage in the kitchen. I use their containers and bowls daily. I love my stasher reusable bags and we use them for the kids constantly, but I love that these storage bags stand up!

Dyson V11 Vacuum. Our vacuum is on it’s last leg and I’ve wanted one of these stick vacuums for ages. Definitely getting it now when I can rack up the rewards.

Fellow Matte White Kettle. I have this kettle and use it in my photos a ton in the winter, and get lots of questions about it. It’s a show stopped and one of those things that can be left out in the kitchen. It’s super pretty.

Wolf Watch & Accessory Case. I shared this in my gift guide last year because it was the big gift I bought for Eddie at christmas. He LOVES it. He really likes watched and has collected them for years. This is so gorgeous and holds everything!


Slip Silk Pillowcases. My fave!! Have had my pillowcases for YEARS. Even just a few weeks ago I took mine to the hospital while in labor and everyone asked about it. So good for your hair and skin. I haven’t slept without one in at least four or five years.

Slip Hair Ties. I use one of these every single night if I put my hair back while I sleep, and have for years. They are great at preventing creases.

Origins Ginger Souffle Body Cream. I can’t believe this is in the sale! I’ve talked about this since 2014 when I used it while pregnant with Max – it’s now a really nostalgic scent for me. I love it. It’s very refreshing but also warm at the same time.

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask Kit. One of my favorite masks of all time! It’s so good.

Dr Dennis Gross Pro Facial Steamer. I bought this last year at the sephora sale and have LOVED it. I used it the entire time I was pregnant, like once a week, for a mini at home facial. It’s definitely worth it and very easy to use.

AQUIS Hair Wrap. I’ve also used these for years!! They are like gold right now as I’m in the postpartum hair loss season. Absolutely wonderful to protect your hair from breakage.

Caroline Herrara Good Girl Perfume Set. One of my all-time favorite perfumes – this is the most warm, delicious scent and I think I read it’s the best selling perfume in the world? I get so many compliments on it. I hate the bottle but adore the fragrance.

Oribe Texture Spray Set. This is my favorite texture spray for my hair – I use it on dry hair only. It creates texture without leaving your hair crunchy or stiff or tangled. It’s fantastic and so expensive, so I always buy one when on sale.

Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Sticks. A longtime eye shadow fave of mine, you can’t beat these. They are like a one-and-done eyeshadow product and so pretty. They don’t crease on me at all either.


Tripp Trapp High Chair. This is the one baby item I am buying! I used the same high chair with Max and Emilia but after 7 years it is pretty beat. I always wished I had got this stokke one because the reviews are incredible and it lasts forever. I will either keep it here once Jordan is done or pass it on to family.

Uppa Baby Vista Stroller. This is our double stroller that we got with Emilia and I’ve always loved it. Super easy to use – we’ve got SO much use out of it. Emilia can still fit in it now, so it will get even more use with Jordan.

Nuna Rava Car Seat. This is our convertible car seat and it’s great. Max was in this (he’s now in the exec seat), Emilia is in it now and Jordan will have it eventually too. It’s also what my mom has in her car – the sale is when we bought hers a few years ago.

Little Giraffe Baby Blanket. One of the most classic baby blankets ever – both Max and Emilia have one of these that they got as gifts. I love gifting this as well.

Little Giraffe Hooded Towel. Same as above – you can’t beat this as a gift. It’s SO fluffy and such a lovely towel. I’m buying one for Jordan!

First Foods Set. I have one of these from when Emilia started eating. It’s fantastic because it suctions to the table so the babies can’t throw their plates. You can also take it anywhere.