1. Over the weekend Emilia had blueberry pancakes at brunch and they had whipped cream on top. She has not stopped asking for blueberry pancakes “with shaving cream” for days. It’s the best.

2. I’ve been waiting for this sourdough pizza recipe forever! It’s the sole reason I still have my starter going 18 months later.

3. I am so emotional over the olympics! Especially the gymnastics. I remember when I watched it as a kid, the gymnasts looked so “old” to me. Now, they look like babies! Kind of like how when I watched Saved By the Bell as a kid I thought the actors were so old. Now I realize they aren’t that much older than me. Ha.

4. Speaking of the olympics, I am dying over this incredible dress Misia wore at the opening ceremony! LOVE.

5. A life of meaning without buying. Wow.

6. TV things!! Okay so I’ve only been watching the olympics as if you couldn’t tell. One thing I thought of was… where is Billions!? We need a new season of that ASAP.

7. How to destress through the work day.

8. My tomato toast game is still strong. I will gladly eat sourdough, tomatoes and flaky salt for breakfast or lunch every day!