Week 31 from my favorite place!

But first, here’s what we did last week.

Max had golf camp!

Max + his BFF + Emilia who thinks all of his friends are her BFFs. She is the quintessential little sister and it’s adorable.

This boy.

This is what happens when you go to a pool party and have a huge diaper explosion and your mom only has long sleeve sleepers in the 97 degree heat. Naked baby!


Then we road tripped to northern michigan! Stopped every few hours to feed this babe.

Stopped at Cabela’s where Emilia had the time of her life.

And we made it!

Sunset golf.

Uncle Will!

Matching bros.

This is my favorite outfit of Emilia’s.

Do you think Max is into Nike?


This water is life.

I want to frame this.

And this!

I wish I had a gardener.

The brightest baby smile!

He’s “her baby.” When he cries, she often comes over to me and asks very seriously “mama, do you think he wants me?”

And his baby!

This view gets me every time.

This aperol spritz was amazing! My first in a year.

This color palette.

I have fed this baby all over the place the last few days. We eat everywhere.

Max found petoskey stones!

No words.


This is what I’m doing all day every day. I love it!

Her perfect top knot!

S’mores prep.

S’mores for life.


This is so serene.