Our last week of summer was amazing!

Tomorrow starts back to school for us and while I’m super excited I’m also so sad!

Since I had Jordan on the day that school ended last year, it was like all schedule and structure went out the window in one single day. It was like we were in our own little world and everything around us stopped. Now, it feels like it’s starting back up again. All the feels!

Morning wakeups are the best.

Thrilled the pumpkin cream cold brew is back at starbucks.

Happy bubs!

This is one of my easiest cheater dinners if we’re out of everything. I cook down onions and garlic, then baby yukon gold potatoes or sweet potatoes. Stir in a bunch of chopped kale (or whatever greens you have!) at the very end, then top with…

An egg! Whomp whomp… I forgot to take a pic of the finished dish.

We rented out a theater with a few friends to see the Paw Patrol movie. It was SO GOOD!

They were focused.

I love this baby.

We had our meet the teacher day at school! Eeeep!

So many morning snuggles this week.

Um hello is she 13? 100% dressed herself and I loved it.

We went to the pirate game!


This view.

Lips and cheeks! And sweat.

Max loved this.

It was also a fireworks night! And super late.

Emilia loves sleep like no one else.

A final summer treat with our serious faces.

And today was baby Cooper’s baptism!! I want to keep these face cookies forever.

Into a new week we go!