I can’t believe I have three kids!

(Jordan in the Dockatot swaddled in an Aden and Anais dream blanket)

Since I’ve always done favorites posts in different stages of the kids’ lives, I wanted to give you an update on everything we’ve been loving in this newborn stage. The third time around! I guess this makes me a seasoned mom, but some days I certainly don’t feel it. A few things I’ve used since Max was born – so nearly seven years ago. And a few are newer faves. They didn’t exist when Max was born and I wish they would have. Love all of this stuff below. None of this is sponsored in any way.

Newborn Favorites

The Doona Car Seat

This was a last minute purchase for me. I was initially going to use the Nuna which is what we had with Emilia and loved. Emilia and Max are both still in Nuna car seats. Lacy has the Doona, and I saw Emilia push it and thought it would be perfect. Wow. I can’t even express how much we love it. It’s SO easy. I will say that I think the reason we love it is because of the age gap with the kids. Both Max and Emilia are out of the stroller so just having the Doona has been great. The only con is that it’s not a full blown stroller, so there isn’t storage underneath or a cup holder or anything. This hasn’t been that big of a deal at all yet.

P.S. For a double stroller, I have the Uppa Baby Vista which I also like! Used it for years with Max and Emilia and I will use it single style for Jordan once he is bigger. However, Lacy has the Bugaboo Donkey and the mono version is amazing. Trying to decide if I should get it and donate my others.

The Halo Bassinest

I’ve had this since I had Max and it remains my favorite thing for newborns! Max and Emilia were on the tinier side so they fit in this for nearly six months. It’s great. I love how high up it comes, especially because when we moved in here we bought one of those stupid super high beds that I basically need to launch myself up onto every single night. The bassinest rolls right up next to it and is perfect. Absolutely could not recommend it more.

The Owelet Smart Sock

I used the Owelet with Emilia and it gave me so much peace of mind. Same with Jordan. When I had Max, I didn’t sleep for six days straight because I was so convinced if I closed my eyes something would happen to him. This eliminates a lot of that night time anxiety for me.

Halo Sleep Sack Swaddles

These are something else I’ve used since Max was born and can not recommend enough. My college roommate gifted me one at Max’s baby shower and in a moment of desperation when he was four days old, I pulled it out and have never looked back. It makes swaddling SO super easy. I always recommend getting two in each size in case of diaper blowouts in the middle of the night.

The Artipoppe Baby Carrier

This has been a lifesaver for me. It’s pricy but if you’re familiar with ring slings and the obsession of baby wearing, I’m sure you’ve seen the crazy prices of those things. This is SO comfortable, so pretty and so easy to use. I’ve already worn Jordan more than I ever wore Max and Emilia and this is super easy to throw on when I’m in a pinch. It also really helps if I need to carry him and only have the Doona with me. I adore it. Makes a great gift too!

The Dockatot

Literally used the heck out of my dockatot with Emilia – it came with us to multiple cities on The Pretty Dish book tour! I’ve used it nonstop since Jordan came home. I also really like the leachco pod, but if I had to choose right now, I’d go with the Dockatot. It’s what I “dock” him in a lot throughout the day!

Aden + Anais Classic Dream Blanket

I’ve had one of these with each kid and it’s so quilted and soft – and gets better with each wash. I even use this for myself when I’m cold. I use it as a quick swaddle if we’re snuggling (it’s very thick so not good for bed or anything) and it’s super cute. My mom loves them so much that I actually bought her one for her birthday!

Lovevery Play Gym

I can’t believe how much we love this. First, it’s actually nice to look at it! This playmat has so many activities – some things you can start from birth. And it will last for at least a year. Max and Emilia even love playing on it with him, haha. It’s so cute.

Keekaroo Peanut Changer

This is something else that I got to see firsthand from Lacy using it. I LOVE IT. I have ours downstairs and it makes changes so easy. It’s fairly heavy (but super easy to move and carry) and very structured and stable, so find a place to put it and it will stay there. It’s also great if you don’t have a changing dresser and want to use it in your/their room. It’s huge so you can use it for a long time.

(The Doona is SO easy for the kids to push too – it’s super helpful!)


When it comes to clothing, I’ve got a lot of questions on Instagram about what Jordan is wearing! My favorite PJs for the kids are by Little Sleepies. They are SO soft and stretchy, at one point Eddie said “don’t even bother buying other PJs for the kids, these are amazing.” Haha! As a note, I find that they run big. Jordan still fits into their preemie size, with a bit of room. I love the robes and adult nightgowns too!

For Jordan, I love Lou Lou & Company (again, super soft and stretchy – and they have great blankets too!) and Kyte Baby. A lot of Kyte baby things say they need to be hand washed and not to put them in the dryer, but let me tell you… that is not happening with all this laundry and a baby. I wash and dry everything and it has been great! Kyte Baby sleepers are long, just FYI.

I also like some of the Hart + Land sleepers from The Tot (this is where a few of Jordan’s foodie PJs come from), but they are all snaps and not zippers. Just a warning, ha. They do have family matching which is something I love!

(Jordan wearing Little Sleepies sleeper on a Lou Lou and Company blanket)


There’s a few things that I really loved postpartum. This is not sponsored by frida mom (I wish, haha!) – I just can’t even express how much I love ALL of their products. I really wish they existed when I was a first time mom with Max.

Haakaa breast pump. I don’t know how I survived without this with the first two kids. This is AMAZING!!! I don’t really use it as a pump, but use it to catch the letdown/leaking milk from the other side with feeding Jordan. This is the only way I’ve stored milk (still swear by these bags) so far and it’s incredible because you can catch it all here and it doesn’t go to waste. I haven’t even pumped yet. I suggest getting two of these – I have one in my house and then I keep one in the diaper bag. (I did buy the Elvie, but haven’t used it yet!)

Frida Mom Upside Down Peri Bottle. This bottle makes a HUGE difference – so much easier and better than the one you get in the hospital. Highly recommend it!

Frida Mom Disposable Underwear. Love these more than what you get in the hospital too! There are many different versions as well – high waist, shorts, ones for c-section – really lots of options.

Frida Mom Nursing Pillow. I never even used real nursing pillows with the other kids but this has been a game changer. It’s SO sturdy and structured. You can set your phone on it! It’s adjustable. I don’t find that it offers the back support it says it does, but I sit up against something anyway so that hasn’t mattered. I love it.

So I think that is it this time around! I’ll be back and we grow with more favorites and updates!