tuesday things

1. Making back-to-school make-your-own-pizza night a thing!

2. Smoked salmon tartine is everything I want in life.

3. Max has always adored school but this year he is sad to be away from Jordan all day. It’s so sad but so sweet! So I used my mini printer and printed off a bunch of pictures of them together and some of Jordan alone. I stuck them in his lunchbox, his backpack and basically anywhere he opens things through the day so he can see him!

4. Things to do while watching TV. I love this!! I never just “watch” TV, which Eddie hates because then I inevitably end up missing things. But I’m always either editing photos or doing some sort of work, folding laundry or recipe and meal planning.

5. Speaking of, TV things!! I’m currently watching Nine Perfect Strangers! Have had to start it over twice (um, see above) but am liking it.

6. Officially ready for pumpkin everything. Even though I only like very lightly spiced pumpkin.

7. We saw the Paw Patrol movie last week and oh my gosh, it was SO cute. We have since been watching it constantly on paramount+ but the kicker is that the music is also amazing. The good mood song by Adam Levine? Obsessed.

8. How to reduce the “have tos” in life.

9. Inspired by a recent cup of jo post – what is your favorite hostess gift to give people?