Labor Day weekend comes to a close…

And we had a super full week!

My handsome boy on his first day of school. He’s just the best.

He was super sad to leave Jordan all day. It was cute but heartbreaking!

So I put pictures of Jordan in his lunchbox and both his and Emilia’s backpacks. They loved it.

Then we had make-your-own-pizza night as a new back-to-school tradition.

So good.

Then it was this girl’s first day of school! I can’t believe it.

Had to kiss doggy goodbye! Doggy visits the vet every morning, if you can’t tell… he gets all sorts of accessories too.

She loved it.

Then it was the two of us.

My little pup.


Super excited for school!

I’d like her backpack in my size.

Love of my life.

Cheeseboard snacks.

Burrata snacks.

Best thing ever watching baby Cooper eat meatballs.

Celebrated my brother’s birthday!

Cousins!! We got to visit our new baby niece/cousin. She is the sweetest and makes Jordan look huge.

He is just so edible.

Tacos please.

Celebrated our cousin’s bridal shower!

I wear this baby nonstop!

That blonde hair sparkle!

Egg salad prep for the week is the easiest.

One of the best house salads I’ve made. With crispy potatoes.

And my little old man to finish out the long weekend!