tuesday things

1. Max is most definitely my child because he asked to watch the Polar Express on August 31. Oh yes.

2. On that same note, this year I got the bonne maman advent calendar for our family after seeing rave reviews of it last year! Um yes this is one thing I learned you need to buy in September. Crazy I know.

3. How to ground yourself when life feels chaotic. Oh yes I needed this.

4. TV things!! Thinking about starting Only Murders In The Building. I live for Steve Martin!

5. I’m verrry excited to burn fall candles since last year I got pregnant in early fall and could not even fathom any candle scent in our house. What is your favorite?

6. Defining success differently. Love it.

7. Literally where do all the socks go. I mean WHERE DO THEY GO. Wish I was joking.

8. Insanely easy habits that will change your life!