Crazy that it’s almost the middle of September.

How on earth is this baby three months old today?!

I can’t believe it!

This week every time I nursed him, he would just give me this huge smile and giggle and do it for a few minutes straight. Every time! He is a dream!

Max is still absolutely obsessed. Always wants his picture taken with Jordan.

Emilia and I (and Jordan, of course) went apple picking with some friends on Friday morning!

Um this could be a Hunter ad! Haha.

Apples are her fave.

Getting to the end of the sunflowers here.

We had so much fun!!

Went mini golfing this week too.

That neon blue water… haha.

Hi many times this is the only way I get anything done.

Morning snuggles for everyone.

I can’t even handle him!!!

Hockey started this week!

Fave egg in a hole on sourdough.

This has to be impossible.

We did another make-your-own pizza night… the kids basically ask to do it every single day.

Fun fact: Max’s favorite part is the crust.

Have a lovely week!