First official fall weekend is in the books!

Annnnd we’re wearing our Halloween PJS.

We kicked off last week by celebrating Eddie’s birthday.

My boys!

I cannot handle him. I can barely even nurse him because he just looks up at me and smiles and coos. It is EVERYTHING!!

My little hockey babe!

These two cuties cuddling in bed.

I mean. He is edible.

We went on our first fall weekend adventure!

Matching shirts of course.

The weather was amazing. Like low 60s! My favorite.

This sweet pea.

We had an apple cider slushie!

I can’t even begin to explain how overboard Eddie goes with pumpkins. He gets INTO IT.

They look like twins here to me!

And OMG my little old man baby. So elderly.

Eddie got this loaded oreo brownie. Whaaaat.


I mean no one is ever as happy as he is to see me… hahahah.

I prepped a bunch of stuff for the week. Some roasted veggies, a batch of quinoa and pesto too.

Emilia and I made some pumpkin muffins.

She helped me cut berries for the week.

Then she promptly passed out on the couch! Haha. Spontaneous toddler naps on the couch are the best.

Annnd on to the last week of September! NUTS!!!