august favorites

Here’s a peek at everything I loved in August 2021! xo


Ink & Volt Notepads. I wrote about these in my summer fridays post but they are awesome. If you are a list maker like me, you will love them!

Stanley Quencher 40oz Tumbler. This is huge, because my yeti has been glued to my side for, like, 5 years. I finally got my hands on the stanley cup and it’s better than I imagined. It’s huge – 40 oz – and has a handle, is dishwasher safe and also cute. Feels so much more “complete” than my yeti because the handle is attached and it comes with the straw (I always buy the separate ones for yeti). It’s perfect! Has saved me this summer with breastfeeding. These are always sold out, but if you sign up for notifications, you will know when they come back in stock.

Type Set Co Magnetic Letter Boards. My mom and I found these at a local store that we love. They are SO fun! So much easier to use than the felt letter boards, and the letters here are so fun, like tie dye confetti! The kids really love them too.

Food52 Silicone Utensils. Grabbed these spatulas recently and LOVE them.

Scout Errand Boy Tote. This bag is FANTASTIC. First, all scout bags are amazing – they are waterproof and fold down completely, so very packable. This bag was wonderful for traveling. It’s also so great to keep in the car. I love that it has a zipper top too – necessary!


Siete Almond Flour Tortillas. The texture of these tortillas is incredible. I use them to make Eddie and I grilled wraps or sandwiches. I may even like these more than regular flour tortillas.

Kind Frozen Bars. How have I not known about these?! I love the chocolate peanut butter one – it seriously tastes like a frozen snickers bar. Which is crazy! Such a good treat.

Frozen Levain Bakery Cookies. Almost (almost!) as good as the real thing. We found ours at whole foods in the freezer section and can’t get enough. The double chocolate are my favorite.


MZ Wallace Mini Metro Tote. I have this bag in the neon pink from a few years ago and can’t express how much I love it. I know I’ve talked about how great MZ wallace bags are and this size is PERFECT. It’s the only thing I ever take outside of my diaper bag. And sometimes I even just take this – because I can fit a few diapers and wipes in here! Best crossbody ever.

Hill House Nap Dress. I have LIVED in the nap dress this summer. I know I sound like a broken record but it has been life changing. It’s amazing for pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding. It has allowed me to feel “put together” all summer in a season of life where things are crazy and I barely have energy to do my hair and makeup! It’s the most comfortable dress EVER. Also runs big, so size down.


The Lazy Genius Podcast. I am loving these episodes! So many good ones with tips and tricks for organization and cleaning and kid stuff. I love how quick they are too.

The Newcomer. I loved this book! I always love what Mary Kay Andrews writes. It’s a good light read but still has substance!

Kacey Musgrave’s new music! I am LOVING her new songs. I do like Star Crossed, but I especially like Justified!


Jo Malone Blue Agava & Cacao. I’ve had this perfume forever – it’s a retired scent that they bring back every now and then (it’s actually back right now!). I often wear it in August because it reminds me of our vacations, and I always take it there too. It’s so good! Definitely could be a unisex scent, but is a bit floraly, warm and edgy. I love it. If you like the other scents I enjoy, like Tom Ford Soleil de Blanc, Pour Femme, Jo Malone Ginger Biscuit, etc – you’ll like it!

Sol De Janiero Dry Shampoo. My favorite body cream was made into a dry shampoo and my life is made! Now my hair can smell like heaven. I’ve avoided the bum bum cream all summer since I’m nursing and it’s so highly fragranced and also shimmery. The scent is the best.

Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream. Yes, I’m still using it and living for it. It’s the only thing I used for the last few months of my pregancy because I ended up with some pregnancy induced perioral dermatitis. I LIVE for this cream. My skin is dry so this version feels amazing. Not too thick at all. It goes on sale a few times a year too!


Caraa Diaper Bag Backpack. This is huge, because I’ve used my Fawn design bag forever (and have never got more compliments on a bag than that one, and it’s a diaper bag!!!) but I switched to this a few months ago. It is SO lightweight – much lighter than Fawn. It’s bigger and has so many great compartments, including an insulated one for milk if you pump!

Hydroflask Bottles. Absolutely obsessed with the new bottles for kids and I LOVE that they have 20oz ones now, especially for Max in school! You can also label the bottom of these. They are so cute and one of the best water bottles for the kids.

Dry Erase Pocket Sleeves. I can’t believe I’ve never had these before! I made the kids routine checklists and stuck them in here with a dry erase marker. They LOVE them. You can use them for anything dry erase too.

Little Sleepies PJs. I’ve rambled about these for a year now, but we LOVE these PJs – for everyone! The kids, Jordan, even us as adults. They are so silky and soft but thin and breathable. Truly amazing.

[none of this is sponsored, i just love to tell you what i love every month! there are a few general affiliate links above! xo]