sept 2021 favorites

Here’s a peek at everything I loved in September 2021! xo


Pumpkin pillows. My real fave here is the jack-o-lantern version which is sold out, but I adore these pillows! It’s like decor but pillows in one. The kids love them too. They weirdly add so much to the family room.

Wine bottle stoppers. Best find ever if you don’t drink a full bottle of wine in one sitting. They cork down into the bottle and keep it fresher than any other method I’ve found.

OXO gold muffin tins. It had been ages since I bought new muffin tins. I make muffins almost every week for the kids so I grabbed these oxo ones because I love their sheet pans. These are fabulous! Super nonstick and just great. I love them.

Brumate Toddy. This is the perfect size for morning coffee on the go. It keeps it SO cold, the lid screws on tightly but I can stick a straw in the sip part. I take this for school drop off and it’s a necessity.

Thymes Simmered Cider candle. My #1 fall candle is nest pumpkin chai but this is a very very close second. If you love apple-ish and spice scents, you will adore this. It fills the whole house and is the epitome of fall.

Ink and Volt meal planning pad. This has been saving me! Here’s what I do – I keep this in the car and on Thursdays in the school pick up line, I write out our meal plan for next week, down to what I want for lunches and breakfasts. I may jot down a few grocery needs too. Then it’s done! It’s such a great system doing it on Thursdays. It’s ready to go, I get our groceries on Sundays an it’s simple.


Hourglass Unlocked Mascara. This mascara is incredible. It’s a tubing mascara so it doesn’t flake off. And it gives me some impressive length. I hate spending on mascaras since they don’t last, but this is so good.

Killian Love Don’t Be Shy perfume. I don’t wear a lot of perfume when I have a newborn, because of nursing and just cuddling them 24/7. If I do wear it, I spray it on the back of my neck only. But i got a travel spray of this. I think it’s a cult favorite. It’s definitely a sweet, warm but also floraly scent. I love it.

Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap. This certainly isn’t beauty, but it is amazing if you have dry/eczema prone skin. I first wrote about this in my pregnancy update. I still use it every time I shower. It smells like beef jerky which is insane, but it gets better and is worth it for your skin. This is a tough one because I love beauty products and body wash is like self care for me, so I’ll still use my favorites once a week or so. But the improvement in my skin has been incredible.


Scarecrow crunch trail mix. I tried this last year (it sold out instantly!) and got a bag this year too. Um, it’s so good. I mean, it’s dangerous and not trail mix, it’s definitely more like candy. But it’s delicious!

Elemental bars. Now that I’m back in the car for school pick ups and drop offs, I like to have a snack on hand. I love the almond butter and peanut butter bars. Definitely a favorite.

Stok creamed pumpkin cold brew. This is a nice alternative to my favorite pumpkin cream cold brew from starbucks. I really like the flavor. It’s not overly sweet, which is weird since there is quite a bit of sugar in it. But it makes for a good treat!


Bauble Bar Halloween earrings. Okay these def make me feel like my mom in the 90s and probably shouldn’t be considered “fashion.” Ha! My mom would always wear fun holiday apparel and puffy paint Christmas sweatshirts and stuff. I am now that mom. I love the Bauble Bar holiday earrings, they are SO fun and the kids love them. No, I wouldn’t wear them out to dinner or something but I love wearing them on our fall weekend adventures and if we’re doing something fall themed! I have the pumpkins/candy corn, witches and ghosts.

On Cloudnova sneakers. Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE these shoes for running around. They are so comfortable but look a little more substantial than other sneakers if that makes sense. I get a ton of compliments on them. Also loooove the white ones!

Halogen side slit cardigans. I’ve had these for years, but the early fall is the best time to bust them out. They are so light weight and perfect for layering. They work on those days when it’s cold in the morning but hot in the afternoons (aka, right now). My preference is black, but the bright colors are fun too. I’ve had my black one for seven years and it’s still in amazing condition.


Kacey Musgraves Starcrossed album. I cannot handle how much I love this. OMG. It is so good. It’s definitely a sadder album compared to her last, but the songs are great. My favorites are breadwinner, justified and simple times.

Dr Becky’s Good Inside Podcast. Her Parenting is Exhausting episode is everything!


Fisher Price Sit Me Up floor seat. I had this for Emilia and now Jordan is just moving in it. We LOVE this seat. It makes such a difference when they can sit in it. It’s more like a sling, but they can hold their head up in it. He loves sitting in this in the kitchen while I cook dinner. It’s not the prettiest baby seat but I promise it is the best!

Bubble machine. I realize we are basically getting out of bubble season but this one is THE BEST. My sister in law had it and if you’ve ever owned a bubble machine, you know they die pretty quickly. This one is such great quality and LASTS. It blows a great amount of bubbles too!

Usborne Halloween Activity books. We love having holiday themed activity books! I find the Usborne ones at our local farm store. I also have the doll dress one for Emilia and she loves it.

[none of this is sponsored, i just love to tell you what i love every month! there are a few general affiliate links above! xo]