I love October!!

These last three months of the year are always insane, but I adore them. Here’s what we did this week!

Cuddled and giggled a lot.

Nearly everyday the kids set us up a meal.

Max wanted to show off his cool haircut.

We went to the Asian Lantern Festival at the zoo. It was incredible!

Eddie and I were actually blown away at how much we loved it too.

Everything was so gorgeous and vibrant.

If this comes to your city, you have to go see it!

This little pumpkin all ready for fall festival weekends.

We had another pumpkin patch visit.

Weather was stunning! There were only approximately 879 people there.

Wearing him is the highlight of my day. He loves it.

The best apple cider donuts in all the land.

She agrees.

Much of our time is spent feeding Jordan in the car. Um, look at those edible chins!

And changing Jordan in the car.

Sunday mornings are my favorite because we snuggle forever!

In case you can’t tell, I am obsessed with my children.

Only food pic I took this week? Vegetables to roast for grain bowls. These are way too crowded on the pan but I didn’t want to do more than two pans. Whomp whomp.

Max and Eddie went to the Pens game. Why does he look 16 here?

And I swear Max and Jordan have identical smirks here.

Best times!!