We had such an amazing week!

And I will forever stare at this photo. FOREVER!

The kids made my pumpkin dream cake. I literally let them make it themselves once I had all the ingredients out.

It was fab except for a rogue egg shell here and there. Ha.

This baby boy turned four months old! HOW?!

He is quite the milk monster. He is my biggest baby! Growing like a week.

Fresh sourdough, toasted + butter + salt. The best.

Mid week we started wedding events for Eddie’s cousin!!

I mean how pretty is this?

And this? Ha.

Emilia enjoyed her cake at the rehersal.

And here are my little love muffins! I can’t handle how much I love them.

This cake was amazing.

The entire wedding was amazing. It was such an emotional happy day!

This boy was a champ.

And how is Max now suddenly 17?!

Framing this for sure. I feel so lucky to get to have boys and a girl.

It’s so dark in the mornings now! Morning weekend snuggles.

Vodka paste + house salad + unpictured lemon chicken.

And we head into another week! Thank you for letting me share our adventures with you!