Halloween is in the books!!

With the cutest little babes around.

The colors this week… stunning.

Cuddles and cheeks.

Emilia wanted to cut and eat a lemon. It was funny.

Bathtime bubs.

Yes we have too many Halloween clothes.

Wonder woman for school!

I always get extra foam and wow this one was perfect.

Just look at that round face and old man hair!

Make your own pizza night.

Little snuggles.

I can’t believe Max starting skating when he was 2. He is almost 7!

My favorite girl forever!

We painted pumpkins.

Emilia’s is incredible.

Dressed my baby as baby yoda.

It was all for the kids.

They asked if he could be baby yoda for Halloween back in the summer!

I can’t get enough.

We did another big coloring page.

These boys are the cutest.

Eddie carved these pumpkins and I cannot handle it. I think he’s in the wrong profession. He looked at a pic on his phone and free hand drew and carved!

Oh hi.

If you’re wondering if my heart explodes 67 times a day, the answer is YES!!!

Emilia requested Jack.

I am deceased. The kids were being super quiet this morning and I went upstairs… they were watching Harry Potter in our bed just like this.

Jordan was a pumpkin tonight!

Max was the most perfect Harry Potter!

Emilia was Sunny from My Little Pony. We love the movie so much.

And Jordan had enough. He was tired. Haha.

Such a lovely Sunday!

Annnnd goodnight!