food christmas ornaments

I am so excited to share this post with you! It’s a detailed look into my kitchen tree and how I find all my fun foodie ornaments that I share every year. This is such a fun tradition for us. I’ve wanted to do a food tree for YEARS and finally got it to come together six or so years ago. The kids LOVE this too. It is so fun to bring out all our food ornaments each year and remember what we have!

Yes, it’s a little early, but I find that the food ornaments sell out every year, many times before the holiday. Plus, if you want to decorate in November, you want to get them now!

The Tree

Obviously, you can do any size of tree you’d like! I’ve wanted to do this forever, because my grandma always had a pencil tree in her foyer and I loved how slim and classic it was – it was part of her decor but not a big overwhelming tree like you’d find in the living room.

For the last few years, I’ve been using a tree from Target (pictured below) that I put in the corner of my kitchen bump out. I can’t find the exact one (it is similar to this), but it’s been so beat up that I don’t even have a great picture. I LOVED this tree, I loved the shape and how cute it was. It just wasn’t the best quality and didn’t last. It got so wonky after a year or so and I just kept trying to make it work.

This year, I bought this Balsam Hill tree. It’s small and still minimal enough for the kitchen and no where near as big as our living room tree. It will show off the ornaments so well too.

You could also do a smaller tree sitting on a table or piece of furniture of course.

food christmas ornaments and kitchen tree

The Ornaments

The key to building your kitchen tree is to collect ornaments over time, just like any other tree or decor item! I believe the first place I ever saw food ornaments was at Sur La Table, over 15 years ago. My mom and I would die over them, we just thought they were so cute! When Eddie and I started dating, we’d often go in there during the holidays and talk about doing a kitchen tree at some point when we were married. He would buy me a food ornament around Christmas, and after I started blogging I would occasionally get them as gifts.

The only time I did a big purchase was about six years ago – I stayed up for the day after Christmas sale and the moment all the Sur La Table ornaments went 50% off, I bought some! Other than that, the ornaments have been collected and gifted over time. These days, you can find them many places. I might buy one or two new ones each year if I see something really special.

It’s amazing that the food ornaments are so accessible now, because it’s taken me years to find ones I really love.

Old World Christmas Food Ornaments

My favorite brand of food ornaments are the Old World Christmas ones. I usually look on their site because they divide them into categories like drinks, desserts, produce (I mean, amazing haha!) and I see what I like. Old World Christmas sells on amazon, and I find that to be the best price/quickest delivery of course. I have never had ornaments arrived broken or damaged from Old World Christmas.

I have an amazon storefront here of my past food ornaments that you can easily go through. There are so many fun and ridiculous ones now, like meatball subs and buffalo wings and burritos and deviled eggs.

(FYI if that link is giving you and adult content warning, I’m pretty sure it’s just because there are beer/wine/cocktail ornaments in there. It is just a list of Christmas ornaments, haha.)

food christmas ornaments

Where Else I Buy Food Ornaments

As you look through this list below, I believe that many of the ornaments from other places are also made by Old World Christmas – or at least they look identical. Many times I find a handful at Michaels or other craft stores too.

Sur La Table

Sur La Table still has food ornaments. I’ve found that most of the ornaments sell out before the after Christmas sale. A few that are so fun:

Bowl of Ramen

Espresso Martini



Over the last few years, Anthropologie has had food ornaments too. Theirs are always very expensive, it’s rare that there is ever a coupon code and they always sell out before the holiday. I only buy ones here if they are super adorable or unique. Shockingly, some are on sale today so maybe they will continue to be on sale! A few favorites of mine:

Box of Doughnuts

Sparkle Mushrooms


Ice Cream Sandwich

Vegetable Garden (I am dying over how cute these are!)


Nordstrom has also had food ornaments the last two or three years. This year they have ones by Cody Foster and there are some fun ones. There were even more on the site when I looked a few weeks ago but they appear to already be sold out. A few of my favorites:

Avocado Toast

Rainbow Explosion Cake

Sparkle Peach

Matzo Ballin’ Soup


Glitter Radish

Glitter Eggs

Sushi Board

Pink Pineapple


Cheese Balls


Food52 is another option. They also have many Cody Foster food ornaments. A few cute ones that Nordstrom doesn’t have are the glitter bacon, the black and white cookie, the breakfast sandwich, a soft boiled egg, dumplings, sushi and beer. It won’t let me link these individually, but if you go here and click the drop down bar, you can choose which ones to see.

They also have a few multipack ornaments which is nice if you’re trying to build/buy a collection! Food52 also has some handmade felt food ornaments too!

food christmas ornaments

Of course, you are always going to be able to find some great foodie ones at your local boutiques or shops. Many end up carrying the Old World Christmas ones too, so I will always grab them.

I hope this helps you get some inspo for a foodie Christmas tree. This is one of our favorite things to do and I always put it up the second week of November so we can enjoy it. It even works with Thanksgiving since it’s food focused.

Let me know if you have any other foodie ornament questions!

(This is not sponsored and all items were purchase by me! There are a few affiliate links above where I may make a small commission on purchases. Thank you!)