tuesday things

1. My actual nightmare right now would be going into a haunted house. Why do we get more scared as we get older!

2. 5 organization hacks to keep your life together.

3. Go to Halloween candy of choice? Since being a chocolate snob has also come with age, I’m not too tempted, but I wouldn’t kick a Snickers out of bed. Or a good Reese’s pumpkin.

4. TV things!! Are you watching YOU?! Oh my gosh, it’s so good. I’m also very into the The Morning Show, though the storyline is up in the air for me because I don’t want to relive 2020. Or 2021… ha! Grey’s was okay, has a little promise. Also, have you watched The Saints of Newark yet? As major Sopranos fans, Eddie and I were a little disappointed in it. It just wasn’t what we hoped.

5. Have you seen the Justin Bieber song/Diane Keaton video? Um, I die. Pretty sure I’ve been doing Tuesday Things for so long that I once asked who Justin Bieber was over a decade ago.

6. On that same note, if you’re a Nancy Meyers lover like I am, please tell me you’ve seen this Jimmy Fallon skit! It’s hilarious, and features Chris Stapleton who I also adore.

7. I’ve shared this before, but it couldn’t be more timely: how to prioritize when everything is important.

8. Later this week I’m sharing a post on my kitchen christmas tree ornaments! You guys always ask about this so stay tuned.