The best gifts for someone who loves to cook! My 2021 kitchen gift guide is loaded with practical essentials as well as fun and lovely items worthy of gifting. So many good options below!

My 2021 kitchen gift guide is here! It’s chock full of everything I’ve loved this year and a bunch of things I’ll be gifting to family and friends. These are the items that I deem totally gift worthy. If you’re looking for a full kitchen essentials list, you can find mine right here.

MY 2021 KITCHEN GIFT GUIDE FAVORITES – 40 Kitchen Gift Ideas

Nugget Ice Maker. I personally think this is the best gift one could receive! If you love crushed ice, it’s perfect. Cocktails, sodas, seltzer – it’s amazing.

Breville Smart Tea Infuser. This was one of my favorite purchases of early 2021. I have loved it SO much. If you don’t use it for tea, it’s a fantastic kettle too.

Light and Shadow KitchenAid Stand Mixer. I mean HOW GORGEOUS is this! It’s in my kitchen and absolutely stunning.

Pink Greenpan 1o Piece Set. I love all of my greenpans so, so much. I use them everyday on my instagram stories.

Global Knife Block Set. If you are looking for the BEST knives, these are it. The block is rather pricey, but it lasts forever (literally). You can also buy global knives separately and they are fantastic. Great for the serious cook.

The Always Pan. This is another pan I love – it can braise, sear, steam, boil and more. The only thing it can’t do is go in the oven.

Gold Baking Sheets. My all-time favorite baking sheets.

Five Two Wooden Spoons. These are my favorite wooden spoons to use in the kitchen. Definitely the best!

Salad Chopper and Bowl. Obsessed with chopped salads like me? Get this!

Cast Iron Garlic Roaster. I roast garlic all the time. This is the cutest!

Sous Vide Cooker. Another awesome option for someone who loves to cook. Sous vide is

Nutribullet. I love this to make quick vinaigrettes. I also use it to make a smooth if just one person wants it. It doesn’t get the smoothie as thick and smooth, but it works well.

Ooni Pizza Oven. You may remember a few years ago when I bought Eddie this pizza oven. We adore it. It makes woodfired pizza spectacularly!

Kale Razor. I adore this for removing kale from its stems. It’s a game-changer.

Finex Cast Iron Skillet. My favorite cast iron skillet. Use it constantly.

Mezzaluna. I love this knife for cutting herbs, making chopped salads and cutting pizza too.

Smeg Juicer. This has been a favorite of mine for years now. It’s incredible for juicing citrus and easy to use. We adore it.

Estelle Stemless Wine Glasses. The Estelle glasses are absolutely STUNNING. They are pretty enough to display at all times.

Eggs Tea Towel. My mom always gives the cutest tea towels as gifts. I love this one!

Silicone Trivets. Love the look of these in the kitchen.

Fruit and Vegetable Ornaments. My favorute!! I do a kitchen tree every year and these are so pretty.

Le Creuset Cast Iron Braiser. This braiser is the perfect size when you need a heavy bottomed pot but don’t need something as large as a stock pot.

Breville Smart Oven Air. This oven is quite the splurge, but it’s a toaster oven and air fryer in one. It does everything.

Raw Honeycomb. This is a cheeseboard staple and SUCH a treat, but it’s fairly pricey to buy for yourself. It makes a great gift!

Brightland Olive Oil Capsule. This is some of my favorite olive oil. The quality is superb.

Dona Chai Concentrate. Such a fun gift for a coffee or tea lover.

The prettiest table grater. I adore how cute this is. So pretty and adds character to the table!

Marble and Gold Servers. Prettiest for a charcuterie set up.

Swell Stainless Wine Chiller. This is awesome if you’re hanging out with friends. Keeps the wine cold.

Vineglace Wine Chiller. I use this one in the summer constantly. It’s a wine insulator and fits around an entire bottle. I love for champagne and prosecco.

Gold Cocktail Picks. Super gorgeous if you’re into happy house. Could gift with a jar of luxardo cherries!

Stagg Pourover Kettle. If you want the gorgeous old-fashioned kind.

Alabaster Rolling Pin. This is so so pretty!

Silicone Spoon Set. I use these every single day. They are the best.

Bodum Tea for One. If you don’t want a whole kettle, try this single glass! Perfect for work.

Bodum double wall glasses. These are my favorite coffee cups – be it iced or hot!

Microfiber Drying Dish Mat. Practical, useful and something no one wants to buy for themselves.

Mackenzie Childs Stock Pot. This is my favorite stock pot, especially because it doubles as decor. It’s on my stove top permanently.

Farmer’s Market Wall Calendar. Tons of character, basically adds some decor to the kitchen.

Over the Sink Strainer Basket. So useful – look at the reviews!

Marble Serving Cloche. This is absolutely gorgeous if you know someone who loves to entertain.

Truffle Condiment Gift Set. I love that this set includes honey!

Silicone lids. I received these as a gift and I love them. My shelves are a mess of pots, pans and lids and I can’t always find the lid I want. This is a great quick solution.

[This is not a sponsored post and any of the above items that I own were purchased by me! There are a few general affiliate links above where I make a commission from products purchased. Thank you for reading! xo]