What a week!!

It’s been such a great, jam-packed one.

Happy lovebug.

The tree outside our house is looking better and better.

Red cup season!

This little wiggle worm…

Thursday was my baby girl’s birthday! Nothing like wearing a pink fur to school.

She had a little party in her class and then we went to lunch.

Also, let’s talk about this instagram vs reality. HA. Emilia sees the commercial for this salon dog thing where you “shave” the fur off every single day. She always asks for it. Max asked me if he and Jordan could get it for her birthday, so how could I resist? I mean yes it’s absolute junk but still. So we got it. Um… THIS is what they advertise that it is supposed to look like once it’s gone to the doggy spa.

And this is what it actually looks like. TERRIFYING.

I still cannot stop laughing. Talk about fake advertising.

Balloon garland time!

Birthday girl was so excited about the frosty morning for her party!

Cutest cookies from bella christie.

Party theme was rainbow dinosaurs!

I can’t do math so I just bought the biggest rainbow balloon garland I could find.


My sweetest girl ever!

I mean, she is the most fun.

So is this little chunk of love!

Watching his siblings – he is fascinated with them.

Have you ever played Zingo?! Its so fun! My brother and SIL go it for Emilia.

Matching dinos!

The t-shirt was sold out in Max’s size so he participated with his neon Jurassic Park shirt. Even better.

Umm my parents got her paw patrol roller skates… LOL. She loves them. You wear them with shoes but she’s been putting them on all day without.

Funfetti FTW.

Today we got our family pics taken! Today is actually my birthday, tomorrow is my dad’s, so it’s fun all around.

This is how we spent the gorgeous day!

Annnnnd real life. Hahaha. I cannot get enough of these love muffins.