These are my top thanksgiving essentials that I can’t survive without! I cook the big meal every year and it goes off without a hitch. So I know exactly what you need in your kitchen to make the holiday stress free!

I am so, so excited to bring you my annual HowSweetEats Thanksgiving recipes! Along with alllll the Thanksgiving kitchen essentials.

thanksgiving kitchen essentials

Because I LOVE celebrating this holiday!

These are things that I use to make the big meal happen. I LOVE cooking Thanksgiving. It’s actually so enjoyable for me, because it’s familiar recipes (no testing, no photography, nothing!) and brings such nostalgic vibes to the day. Since cooking is my job, the meal also comes easy to me, so I can tell you EXACTLY what you need in your kitchen.

I highly suggest getting these things NOW so you have them in time and aren’t scrambling a day before or even the day of. In the next few days I’ll share my Thanksgiving timeline, and I honestly use the entire week to prep. Not all day, every day, but I do certain things every single day to make the actual holiday stress-free and much simpler. Many of these tools below help!

Oh and you can also find my general kitchen essentials guide right here.

turkey in a roasting pan


While practically EVERYTHING gets used in my kitchen on Thanksgiving (and the week prior!), these are the ones that I can’t live without. The meal has to happen with these things! The below are all the items that I use in my kitchen – so they are personally tested by me!

thanksgiving kitchen essentials

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