We’ve had another jam-packed week!

How are we already into Thanksgiving week? I can’t believe it. I love looking back at the same week last year to see what we were doing.

Monday morning snuggles for everyone.

I cannot!

Um is this not THE BEST ratio of pumpkin cream cold brew you’ve ever seen?

Started to set up a little hot cocoa bar!

This little snuggle bug.

The most satisfying.

My mom and I saw a show this week! We have had season tickets to the broadway series here for a few years, and obviously it was shut down since early 2020. We saw The Donna Summer Musical as our first show. It was good and so emotional to be back at a show!

Could stare at this boy all day long.

It was a HUGE day for Max… he LOST HIS FIRST TOOTH!!! I can’t even believe it. It’s been wiggly and the other teeth had even started to come in behind it. He lost it in gym class and was so excited.

How stunning are the colors right now?

Started a little Christmas decor.

With a new stocking hung.

This weekend we had Jordan’s baptism!!

He did so amazingly well. The other kids were baptized around two months but with everything up in the air with the pandemic, we waited a bit longer with him.

Seriously can you even take how much Max loves this baby!!!!

My favorite girl in all her colors. AND HER SHOES!

Baby in a bubble bath! He LOVES to splash and kick as hard as he can.

Hi from this lovable chunk who has clearly found his feet.

Today I made turkey stock for Thanksgiving!

I am telling you this is totally WORTH IT. Make it! It will make the best gravy ever.

Sunday night cuddles as we roll into Thanksgiving week.

My favorites. I just feel so lucky! xo