Thanksgiving week!!

I can’t believe it’s here and gone. Had to live up the week in our pumpkin pie PJs.

Coffee monday morning. The prettiest.

With this perfect babe.

We broke out all the Thanksgiving outfits this week. Of course.

How many baby pics is too many baby pics.

I mean…

I prepped for Thanksgiving all week long! Made my salted chocolate pecan pie bars. They were unreal.

Set the table with our leftover pumpkins.

And the kids table too!

Baby cousins!! This is baby Lainey who is 2 months younger than Jordan.

Turkey ready to smoke!

Turkey done roasting too.

The smoked one was incredible.

This turkey was the best though.

A perfect Tday plate.

So thankful.

We had sooooo many desserts.

I wanted them all.

The kids!

I really screwed up this baked brie.

Next day smoked turkey sandwich. On a paper plate because I did dishes forever.


One more time in our pumpkin pie dress!

Went to a baby shower for some of our closest friends this weekend!

And broke out the holiday PJs.

Celebrated Eddie’s parents’ 50th anniversary too.

Hellllllo vodka sauce.

And now we’re onto christmas!

Allday everyday.

And we had to finish off the night by writing a note to the tooth fairy! Max lost another tooth buuuuut um we think he swallowed it while eating. Eeeek!