tuesday things

1. You know I love it when a new month starts on a Monday!

2. 61 days of festive activities! I love this.

3. I may make my own holiday movie countdown. I always WANT to get into hallmark movies but for some reason, I just can’t.

4. This is the tree outside of our house. It’s gorgeous right now, which makes up for the fact that is dumps leaves constantly 365 days a year.

5. The sign of true love: Eddie had all the outside spooky halloween decor down this morning at 5am. I didn’t even ask!

6. TV things!! How about the ending of The Morning Show episode?! What! And THRILLED that Yellowstone starts up this sunday. Still having a super hard time getting into a Million Little Things.

7. I love Merritt’s capsule wardrobes, and she did a holiday one! I’m obsessed.

8. When do you decorate for the holidays? I do a little at a time so it isn’t overwhelming, but I’ll start with my kitchen tree in a week or so.

9. 5 gentle rules to feel good.