tuesday things

1. This may be my favorite week of the entire year. Not only do I love Thanksgiving, it’s just the best anticipation of the entire holiday season.

2. Love this cranberry crumble. Looks so so good.

3. We decorated our tree this weekend and Max asked if he could hang candy canes on it. He and Emilia hung them on and it looks so cute! I also really want some old school tinsel but that sounds like a huge mess.

4. The feeling of pre-nostalgia! I love this.

5. I had real coffee in a real shop yesterday for the first time in a million years. Felt like heaven.

6. TV things! Oh my Yellowstone. Rip and Beth are perfect. I liked the episode of Grey’s because Scott Speedman forever! Also, The Morning Show!!! Jennifer Aniston should win an award for that depiction.

7. Pretty sure our dessert table for Thursday is as bountiful as the actual meal.

8. The best marriage (or really, any relationship) advice!

9. I am loving everything in my gift guides this year. It’s 99% things we have and use every day… and love! I’m also ready to start wrapping. I have a goal of being done by December 15 this year!