1. This ultimate kale salad is calling my name! It must be my kale christmas ornament.

2. I had no idea how squeamish I would be about Max loosing teeth! I don’t know what it is but eeeek… it’s like I can’t handle it. Ha! I don’t remember being this way when I lost my own teeth?

3. Years ago I mentioned how Max thought the lyrics of Feliz Navidad were “feliz naughty dog.” Over the weekend, Emilia told us that it’s “police naughty dog.” We just about died. She was 100% serious.

4. How to get rid of the sunday scaries. I do #1 and #2 every week!

5. I need a good new at-home winter coffee suggestion! I almost always have iced coffee and had a really good thing going for all. Taking all suggestions for festive winter coffees that don’t include peppermint.

6. TV things!! The best part of Yellowstone this week was Beth’s intermittent fasting comment. Also what are you thoughts on the new Dexter? I am watching it but it’s maybe just giving me nostalgic vibes? A little predictable but I kind of like it. Also want to watch Spencer!

7. Also why am I unreasonably excited for the Sing 2 movie to come out. This is my life now.

8. This is definitely a different outlook on the last two years (and going forward? ugh!).

9. What are you reading right now? Every year at this time I want to reread Elin Hilderbrand’s winter street series. Some of my favorite books of all time.

10. This year I set up a hot cocoa bar in our kitchen and it’s our favorite thing ever!