I can’t believe we’ve made it to week 52!!

I LOVE sharing this post every week. Yes, for selfish reasons, because it’s essentially a photo diary of my kids and our fun together. But I love the community here and adore sharing it with YOU!

I love that I can look back on every week and see what we did. And we made it to christmas week!

We kicked the week off in the most festive way we could.

And wore all of our festive clothing.

Festive dress up at school!

How crazy is our elf?!

We loved our advent wreath so much this week!

Sensory baby play!

My sweetest bubs.

No you don’t want to know our christmas clothes situation.

Schools out!

Little cookie box.

Months ago I bought this coloring christmas house and we brought it out this week! My kids LOVE things like this.

Took a last minute trip to the mall with the kids, which included a cookie.

Had a movie night in bed! We watched Home Alone.

Emilia asked me to curl her hair, which was the cutest thing ever.

Reading harry potter in bed the next morning.

And it’s christmas eve with the cutest boy! Yes I made him wear this velvet outfit. It’s my last baby’s first christmas!

Love them more than life.

My aunt and my mom do amazingly insane and gorgeous christmas trees!

We came home and left cookies and milk out for santa and threw a bunch of reindeer food outside.

Next morning, patiently waiting on the steps while we read santa’s letter!

Such excitment.

I can’t believe they are mine!

I’m always sad to put these cups away.

We did creme brulee french toast

And the croissant breakfast bake!

Attempted a self timer family photo… ha!

Then spent the rest of the day with family. This is one of Emilia’s favorite gifts. She kills me!

She is so much fun.

My mom’s tree and amazing village.

I mean, it is UNREAL!

My best boys.

Happiest little elf.

Look at that belly.

Emilia got sooo many fun gifts.

We finished off the advent wreath. I am so sad to put this away until next year!

Definitely didn’t need more cheese but oh well.

Think he can drive the sleigh?

Annnd this was Emilia’s reaction to my parents getting her “real makeup!”

Goodnight after the best week ever!