It’s my annual recipe disaster day!!

I mean, should we just chalk 2021 up to an entire disaster? MAYBE! Either way, here’s a handful of the disasters I had in the kitchen. I started sharing these over a decade ago, which is INSANE! You can find all the previous recipe disasters here:

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This is a just a fun way to share all my mess ups in the kitchen. I cook SO MUCH and many times, I redo takes on classic recipes I know and love. But because I’m in the kitchen so much, it’s not unusual for me to have failures. I mean, tons of failures. Let’s check them out!

The banana bread above was clearly not a winner… be sure to share your recipe fails of the year below.

I was really excited about this recipe. It was focaccia topped with burrata and well… it looks like focaccia topped with egg whites. Whomp whomp.

This tried to be a cinnamon swirl bread but clearly was not. You will see a theme throughout this post. Lots of bread mishaps.

This happens more than you’d think.

I mean… still good enough to eat? Maybe?

This citrusy fish with breadcrumbs was good in theory but looks terrible so bad to the drawing board.

I DESPERATELY wanted to make homemade crispy potato chips in the air fryer. I tried. I BOUGHT MULTIPLE AIR FRYERS!!! just to try and make it work. Alas, it did not. Not even close. Those recipes lie!

This was a peanut butter and jelly cake that was just so meh. Will redo and bring it to you soon.

Welp, I made three of the same versions of stuffed flank steak and every time it looked like garbage.

Here we have some sort of sad dijon chicken situation going on. I burned it from my memory.

More bread! Luckily I have an amazing banana bread coming to you next week.

Tried to make some curry ramen noodles and they were quite bland and boring.

This pot pie was, in a word, horrific. Spring vegetables. Like green beans and asparagus. It was a huge NO.

The driest of the dry turkey stir fry. Pretty sure I tried to add peanut butter and that was a terrible idea.

This lemon tart kind of looks cute but it was SO SOUR and the crust was made of macadamias and honestly awful. Thought some salt could save it but NOPE!

Let’s hope 2022 is much better!