Here’s a peek at everything I loved in November & December 2021! xo


Truff Mayo. I can’t even tell you how much we love this stuff. It is INCREDIBLE on sandwiches.

Roasted peanut oil. I love this. It’s incredible in dressings and as a finishing oil. I have a few recipes coming with it in the new year. They are SO good.

Mauna Loa chocolate covered macadamias. I weirdly love these. They are so darn good. And satisfying.


My hot cocoa bar! I moved this to our kitchen this year. Last year it was in our dining room (where we rarely go) so we never would SEE it. This year it’s in plain sight and we love it. And utilize it! The mugs are from pottery barn, a lot of the marshmallows and stirrers are from target.

Hotel Lobby holiday candle. I hate linking this because it’s sold out but the holiday version is amazing. I also really love the signature candle. Sign up so you can be notified if they come back in stock.

Eureka cordless stick vacuum. Well this has changed my life! I broke down and bought TWO vacuums a few weeks ago. This is one of them and I LOVE it for the kitchen. It is so, so lightweight. And the price was not as high as the dysons. Plus, 17K 5 star reviews!

Advent spiral wreath. I’ve mentioned this almost daily now on instagram. I can’t even express how much we love this. We light it every night and sit around it for a few minutes. This is something else to check back for so you can have one next year.


Emily Oster’s Instagram, and everything else. If you don’t follow Emily Oster and you’re a parent… please start. She shares SO much useful, valuable information, lead by science and data. Nothing bias, nothing political, just pure data. I LOVE HER. She also has a few books and her newsletter is also a wealth of information. You can subscribe for free but I highly suggest paying for it if you can – the level of value she brings is unmatched. She also does Q and A’s on IG every Wednesday which are wonderful.

Yellowstone. Hands down, best show ever. It’s like Sopranos-level good.

Beck and Call Podcast. I mentioned Merritt’s podcast last month but I have to say again how much I adore it. It’s so good! She is so open and shares so much of what she loves.


Spanx Air Luxe Pullover. My new favorite pullover. This is so silky but warm and just falls so nicely. I love it.

Sorel Block Heel Chelsea Boots. It’s no secret what a huge fan of Sorel I am – and this is my fave for this year. I love these! Super comfortable and cute.

Tommy John Second Skin Pants. I have three of these pairs of pants. I practically live in them. Ridiculously comfy. Like butter!


Dr. Bronner’s Magic Balm. Last month I had tendonitis in my left wrist (also possibly a version of mother’s wrist?) and this really helped. I love it.

Revision Lip Balm. This is MAGICAL. I put it on at night and it’s still almost fully there in the morning. The level of hydration is almost unmatched.

Skincueticals Purifying Cleanser. This is my “shower” cleanser, meaning I keep it in the shower (I still use Indie Lee otherwise) but I really love this. I’ve used it for almost 6 months now. It’s a little too drying for me to use daily or twice a day, but I’ll use it three days a week or so and really like it.


Dinosaur STEM toys. These have been the hit of the month. Emilia got these for her birthday and both kids love them!

Doona winter cover & footmuff. I’ve raved about our Doona since Jordan was born and will continue forever! Not to mention the winter cover and footmuff are amazing. They are so easy to use, not bulky and the black fur is super cute.

Lou Lou & Company outfits. The two pieces are my favorite for Jordan. They are really soft and just so cute.

[none of this is sponsored, i just love to tell you what i love every month! there are a few general affiliate links above! xo]